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Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork is a manual treatment for scars. It uses gentle techniques, which promote improvement in scars and underlying tissue. It is helpful regardless of the scar age.

Scars can affect the overall mobility and function of the fascia, organs and joints. This is because scars can cause adhesions that the body tries to compensate and adapt around, causing imbalance and consequently poor function.

Scar tissue work can help soften adhesions, reintegrate the tissues around the scar, improving alignment and movement and even the look of the scar. 


You can feel quite disconnected to a scar especially if it is from a traumatic event and you may feel you want to cover it up and forget about it. With ScarWork we are acknowledging the area and can help integrate the scar with the rest of your body and mind.

Big or small scar that you think would benefit from treatment? Please come and see us for an assessment.

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